Standing beside you, waiting to walk the stage for graduation, I realize that this is the last time we’ll do this. Since the day we started high school, it’s been you and me beside each other. I fell in love with you freshmen year when we lined up alphabetically, your Bryan to my Bryant.

We shared classes and friends, moved in the same circles, but you never seemed to see me. I suffered through your girlfriends; Stephanie was the worst. Her unnecessary PDAs made me want to vomit. We drifted apart for a while in junior year which hurt, but after Joey and I broke up things got better.

Now here we are. You look back at me and grin “Last time we do this, Sarah.”

“I know,” I whisper. Swallowing the lump in my throat, I slowly move my hand toward yours, gently brushing your fingers.

Your eyes fly to mine in surprise and then … our fingers are entwined and you lift them for a kiss. I smile as you lean forward and say softly,

“Sarah, will you be my girlfriend?”



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